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Sure, the food groups are cool and all, but have you ever stuffed all of them into a poppable golden pizza crust? Well, we have, and the results were epic.

Find out a little bit more about us and meet our Snacker-in-Chief, Pete Zaroll…

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Meet Pete (Za Roll)

Snacking is serious business. We needed someone in our kitchens popping snacks, burning their tongue, and taste-testing all our flavors to guarantee they’re Totino’s® Pizza Roll worthy. Who better than a mascot that loves all things pizza? Well, a mascot made of pizza, actually.

Pete Zaroll’s the guy that bought cargo shorts for the only purpose of transporting pizza rolls in his pockets, the guy who’s never sat in front of a screen without a tray of pizza rolls to keep him company. Oh, and he’s also the guy that refuses to believe the food pyramid is more than just a slice of pizza. Tireless snacking on behalf of the masses doesn’t come easy, but someone’s gotta do it.

Fast Pete Facts

Pete with a briefcase


CEO of Pizza Rolls.

Pete with a hat on


Minneapolis, MN.

Pete with a piece of pizza and a weight


"I'm really into fitness. Fitness pizza right in my mouth."

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Our History

Feeding hungry people is no joke – the hanger is real, and we know that fact because we’ve been doing the job since 1951. Beginning as a small-town pizzeria in Minneapolis MN, hot toppings and crispy crust were our recipe foundations, but then we went and revolutionized the frozen snack game with our pizza rolls. You can call us the 0.G.
However, with great pizza rolls comes great responsibility, and ever since the 50s we’ve been experimenting with ways to make our pizza rolls better tasting, faster to cook, and utterly snackable.